Thursday, July 10, 2003

Exciting to have the Jazzstory Cd reviewed in the July issue of Downbeat MagazIne. It is kind of like a
dream come true. Now I can by that other yacht too...hahah.

Interesting the number of people that notice it and mention it. Every little bit helps us get the music out there!!

btw, you can order cds at

see you in Newfoundland

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

One of life's great treasure is the variety in life. I know how lucky I am to experience this in some of it's
sweetest situations.

Being back from the road to hang out with my Family is so much fun. Today Dylan and I went to a kids play in the
Fringe festival here in Toronto. (Okay, it was actually not really very good...part of the risk in attending Fringe
anything) But, we had a great adventure, just going to check out the show

Soon, it is back on the road, making music with my friends and meeting new people everywhere we go. Thiss
too is very exciting and wonderful. Going back and forth from one to the other is really a treat and I already look
forward to the next warm welcome when I see my family after our travels to Newfoundland, New Brunswich and Nova Scotia.

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