Friday, June 27, 2003

Wow, is it ever great to be in Vancouver again. Had a fun noon hour gig outside the Art Gallery today. Met lots of interesting people, sold Cds and had a good time all around. Very nice suprise to have my old friend T Crane (great spoken word artist) as the stage manager today.

We also had a really good time in Calgary. A nice change as my first son was born prematurely last time I was there and I had to listen over the phone to his birth.

This time we played a monthly concert series called Nach Hause. It is a great scene. Lots of young excited folks there checking out the music. The opening band called Zay was really good too.

We have been here less than 24 hours but already had sushi twice. Yes, the sushi really is better here than in Toronto. I have a busy day tommorrow with two gigs and a workshop. We perform at Noon at the Roundhouse and I think my workshop is at 530 (better check my itinerary) and then Rob Clutton and I are doing an improv set with Francois Houle at 1067. (I believe that is the address on Granville) It is a great scene at 1067. It is an afterhours thing that has been going on for years. I think we go on around l30 am. (time for another nap!)

The Vancouver Jazz Festival truly is the best festival in Canada. Saw Rene Lussier last night and looking forward to the Now Orchestra with George Lewis tonight.

I really miss my family but I have to say I love being on the road! Dont forget we are at the Montreal festival July 2 and the Blacksheep in on July 3 before we head out East.

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