Thursday, May 01, 2003

It is exciting to have a family and a creative life in music. Both can and do fill a whole life 24-7. Therefore finding a balance
is not only very tough but also an emotional roller coaster. How do I go on the road for a month when I miss my family on day 2.

How do I watch my boys for ten hours straight when I have to write down my latest idea for composition or whatever.

I try and walk the line down the middle and its always tricky! When it works, its amazing...when it doesnt....

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Saw a good documentary on John Zorn in the Hot Docs fest this week. Good attendance on Monday night at ll30pm. Who are all these people?

The music was fantastic. Good live footage of early work by that crazy noise ensemble.....? Anyways, I came home and found
staring at my kids toys (they were asleep) more beautiful and intriguing. hmmmm. Interesting huh? I guess there is always
something to be said for Serenity, Love Family etc. Especially comparing it to NY avant Jazz .....hahaha.

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