Friday, April 11, 2003

the two discs I picked up yesterday remind me how much I like buying Cds at Soundscapes and what an interesting and diverse
world we live in. The Band, Big Pink and Mortan Feldman's Rothko Chapel. Very exciting. I feel fortunate to be able to buy
Cds occassionaly and I hope those in a similair postition treat themselves to some suprises, chance taking and new experiences too.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

happiness part two: It is amazing how much fun watching hockey can be. Toronto 5 Philly 3. Not unlike playing a good gig
or hearing a great new record. Big smiles!

go Leafs go.

Happiness: Leaning against a wall on Dundas st. at Crawford, sunshine, streetcars and park view baby. I stayed there for a while and read the chapter on Phillip Guston (pg 129) in Morton Feldmans: Give My Regards to Eighth Street. Finished, marked my place with
my John Barlow ASHINEoVSUN book mark and headed home.

I was most intrigued by his point on Gustons painting at a particular
show as having the exhilirating feeling of having not yet been copied by anybody.

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