Saturday, February 15, 2003

Heh, its hockey day in Canada. Fifteen hours of hockey on CBC today starting at noon. But, dont hung up on watching the pros. Get out and shoot the puck around with your neighbours.

Just for those who care, the first of three Canadian matchups starts at 4pm on the tube.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Here is a film my music is in. Plays tonight actually. (I hope to be there!)

Sleep Always is screening at Innis College Town Hall (2 Sussex, at St. George) on
Thursday February 13 at 7 pm. The screening is part of CINSSU's Majestic Nights of Film Excellence and admission is FREE.

This 81 minute drama by Mitch Perkins and Rick Palidwor was shot entirely on the unique wide-screen super-duper 8mm film format.

THE STORY: At all costs, Frank (Fred Spek) pursued a doomed relationship with the independent and
streetwise Nada (Laurie Maher).  Follow Frank as he relives the memories of his obsession - a
delusional journey told in vivid, surreal sequences. Ed Fielding rounds out the principal cast.

The sound track features music by Brian Cram, The Dinner is Ruined, Do Make Say Think, Frank Nevada, The Hounds of Buskerville, Jamie Browning, Luther Victim, Merkin, Neel Goswamy, Tim Posgate and The Woodchopper's Association.

(Watch for details of an upcoming screening on Friday February 28 at Hart House Theatre as part of the U of T Film Festival.)

A Friendly Fire Production

There are so many interesting creative musicians that deserve more attention than they receive. My example for tonight
is my good friend Bill Parsons. His is a member of the Evergreen Club, the Glass Orchestra, Rainer Wein`s Farabachi (sp?), he
Pirate Jenny and the now, missing in action Mosaic. Here is a highly talented, versatile, inspired, friendly,multi-instrumentalist, composer ....okay, tomany adjectives! Basically, if his name is connected with a project, you will be glad you bought tickets. BTW, he is basedout of Toronto. Keep your eyes open for his name!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Heh, Jazzstory got nominated for best Jazz Cd for the 2003 Canadian Independent Music Awards. Very exciting. I dont think I have been nominated for anything since high school. (Okay...yes, I was Valedictorian...hmmm. I used to be able to spell that...hmmm)

Anyways, I am flattered to be chosen by a panel of Canadian Jazz Recording Artists. Thanks eh!!

Monday, February 10, 2003

Gambling Gods and LSD is a great film. (Peter Mettler, Toronto) It is three hours of beauty, questions, exploration and a great
road flick. It is basically a documentary connecting such ideas as Religous fundamentalism, gambling, death, drug exploration...

I am glad I had a coffee before because you will want to be sharp to catch all the great attention to detail. I have enjoyed all
his films, Picture the Light being on my list of definitive Canadian films...Hope you can see them both. Let me know what you

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