Friday, January 17, 2003

l. wake up (always too early) 2. try to convince our baby to let me sleep in a few more minutes 3. make coffee 4. play hockey 5. see the doctor (about the baby) 6. write music 7. eat dinner 8. bath and bedtime for kids 9. fall asleep reading story to Dylan 10. check email
think about doing more work, go to bed (early).
Yup...another day goes by. No complaints.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

I listen to a lot of music. Probably between ten and fifteen Cds every day. (often not in a "deep listening" mode) I am realising
this morning how much of that is for specific purposes. Today, as I have been for weeks I am listening to a recent Berio Cd
featuring some beautiful Viola writing. I am currently writing my first composition involving Viola and I am growing to love this
instrument. I bet that more than 50% of my listening is purposeful, rather than purely for pleasure. Of course, it is hard
not to feel pleasure when listening to music but I can think of some exceptions.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Just finished working with Eugene on the ^voice samples^for the piece I wrote for Rob Clutton`s Jan 26 concert. Very
exciting for me to work with sample^s, editing and hearing them on the keyboard etc. I am in great debt to Rene Lussier for
the way I have used quotes in this piece. His Cd Le Trésor de la Langue^ is beautiful and highly worth checking out. (on Ambience Magnetique...available at I am curious how he did it so many years ago with such different technology.

Monday, January 13, 2003

Who is out there? Anyone? Is anybody out there? (to be sung to the Pink Floyd melody...) Blogs are fun...are you having fun?
I am having fun typing. Are you reading? Are your eyes closed? Are you listening? Can you hear me?
What are you thinking...can I see your blog from here? You show me yours...
Am I just putting on a show?..."Trying to showoff again eh Posgate...?" Show me you care.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Late night report from College St: Sold out!!

I waited outside, in line in some damn cold temperatures (glad I wore the long johns!) to get in to the CIA festival at Oasis on college St. tonight.

Worth the wait; Ear Cam (an ensemble led by Glen Hall the "perpetrator" of the CIA festival) rocked the house. I really wanted to leave to hear one of my fave drummers; Joe Labarbara at the Rex but couldnt do it. This music was so beautiful, dynamic, exciting, vital and highly unpredictable.

Glen Hall - woodwinds, processing; John Oswald - alto saxophone;
Jason Hammer - bass; Nobuo Kubota - voice, sampler, processing, cracklebox;
Christine Duncan - voice; Jean Martin - percussion, turntables, with Michael Morse of Jazztalk sitting in all throught the set too on bass.

BTW, if you are from Toronto and don't know who John Oswald really should get out more often.

As well, I am excited to announce that the average age of ticket/Cd buyers tonight and I think for all three nights was about 25. (give or take a couple years)

Thanks to Carl Wilson, CIUT, CKLN, Ron Gaskin, Glen Hall, all the musicians, Ted Phillips for recording everything to hard disk, Matt Galloway and Bill McFarlin for the timely jazztalk post.

This city is alive and well and it is really fun to share it with people from other parts of our Country and the whole world.

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