Friday, January 03, 2003

Had a great horn band rehearsal today. The feeling of a real band that has been together a while, making group
decisions, working on things in an organic, cooperative way is thrilling. I am very excited about performing in the CIA festival of creative jazz and improvised music festival this Thurs-Sat (at Oasis on College St.) It will be good to let all the "Jazz Visitors" to Torontoknow that there are many types of jazz that are alive and well here in this large city. for details:

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Great to be included in Carl Wilson's column in the Globe today with my thoughts on Toronto music in 2002. He writes
an interesting column each thursday worth checkin out.

I am excited about email and the web again, the connections with print media. (this is how that little quote came about)
I guess it is one creative outlet for me with my time at home these days!!

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

So easy to forget how fortunate we are when we have our health, our family, food and shelter etc. All it takes is some
bad news over the phone and kapowwww!! Wake up call. Why am I being grumpy about cleaning the house or running out of hot water for a few minutes? I wish all you bloggers the best in the new year. Hope to hear from you.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

New Years eh? I can't really get into it. Any suggestions? Dont get me wrong, I love a good party but...what is a day on a calendar anyways? Doesn't do it for me. Anyways, Leo is sick so we will stay home. I might watch a little hockey and who knows;
maybe check out the new Star Wars video (if everyone falls asleep early). My new years resolution? (sp?)... I want to get a copy made for the key to our mini-van.
Stay tuned for info on the Horn Band gig next thursday during the IAJE conference here in TO.

Monday, December 30, 2002

Had a question from a friend (was reading the blog) about some particular artists; Mott the Hoople; can't say I would know any of their songs but would be interested, Dinasour Jr; same thing, Gavin Bryars is someone that really interests me. I have only heard a little of his work but really liked it. I am most interested in his life, career path etc. Hardcore (punk?); People often connect and relate the energy of this music to free improvised music and I find this quite intriguing. It is a type of musical/political reblellion and I have respect and interest for anything that is about this. I can relate. Sorry for the brevity but; back to work.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Oh btw, inspiring getting a bunch of email from people reading the blog. Thanks for that. It makes me want to write more,
read other's blogs (please let me know!) and makes me hope people will call their fave community radio DJs etc. to let
them know they are out there!!

Oh so good to be home. So much on my mind...Quebec v.s. Ontario, Cities v.s suburbs, Canada v.s. Finland!!!
That is a long drive with two kids from Quebec to Toronto...funniest moment is all of us rockin out to Public Enemie's Fear of A Blakc Planet. ..."911 is a joke...911 is a joke...."
Holidays are over, back to work...ooops, New Years?...This in between feeling eh? weird one.

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