Saturday, December 14, 2002 I am in the big apple...Ok Brooklyn and I am keeping the daily journal going. Nice to hear Brandon Ross's group Harriet Tubman. It was a double trio with two Djs and Grahman Haynes on trumpet and lots of effects. funky club called Joes Pub. Man it is raining like a ....

the energy is so different here...I swear I could feel it when I got off the plane....definitely while I was waiting for a friend in the street. Yah, how bout that exchange...ouch...!!

stay tuned.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

heh...less than 24 hours and I am off to New York. Hmmm....whos idea was it to fly on Friday the 13th? Hoping to get to
the MOMA, hear some music and see some friends all in 48 hours...ready, set, go!

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I don't know if it is good to write in public just when you get in the door from mind altering experiences. Today I saw
perhaps the greatest play I have ever seen, a beautiful art opening and did a gig that was highly rewarding both artistically and socially . OK...meeting Bill Bisset was a pleasure but his performance was beautiful... a great poet and entertainer. I refuse to discuss the Danish Play too much as it is sold out until the end of its run. A true brillliant "team performance." And...please check out David
Urbans show at the AGO. Interesting to see a dedicated and provocative abstract painter of a decade or more include a rose as a major motif!

Wow, what a day this will be!! The Danish Play (with Randi Helmers and Christine Brubaker) in the afternoon...(I am glad they are doing this show for High School kids as the rest of the week is all sold out) ...then attending an opening at the AGO for my friend David Urban. (he is a great abstract painter!!) and then off to perform with poet Peter McPhee at 9pm at the artbar series which is held every week at the Victory Cafe. (looking forward to hearing Bill Bisset on the same bill!) Yah Wednesday!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I have travelled the festival circuit in Canada without CC money before and hope to do some of that again. My concern these days is more about the members of Jazzstory being too busy to fit this summer's gigs into their schedules.

The exciting thing about the CC and their relationships to artists is that they are always interested in new ideas and trying to
figure out ways to use the money they are alloted from the Federal Government in the best way possible.

I have decided not to apply for a grant for touring in Canada this summer. It is a very strange process. Even after doing
it and receiving a few and applying for many I dont quite understand the presenters relationship to the artists and the CC.

One friend of mine suggested maybe the answer is to keep Canada Council touring money for the festival off seasons. It is
ridiculous after all when these large companies with big time sponsors won't pay a Canadian bands accoms and travel.


Sunday, December 08, 2002

Wow, ( I always start these entries with Wow?) This time I am going to save by having this new highspeed
internet connection will be used up by all the time I am spending trying to learn how to use and configure it etc.

Confusing how some things seem faster but some things I do seem the same or slower. Ok...back to it!

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