Thursday, November 21, 2002

Hearing Kate Hammett-Vaughans group play at the Senator was a whole of fun too. (Actually, much more fun than the book launch which was kind of weird...lots of feedback from the mic and some pretty unusual poets)

Kate's band is a real band thats been together a while and they were having fun and so was I. Always fun
heading out to hear music alone and bumping into your friends there.

Time to get to work on the Suite I am writing for Rob Clutton. I am excited that we have a date for its performance
now: Sunday January 26?? Details later.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Still getting used to this interface on would be easier if I had a highspeed connection.

Looking forward to hearing Kate Hammett-Vaughan at the Senator and Paul Dutton's book launch tommorrow
at the Pilot.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

HI here is my first post using a blog in my journal (. Hope to start updating this much more often.

Here is the info on our November Jazz Series:

Rob Clutton and Tim Posgate present
the Grand Festival of Autumnal Happiness
Mondays in November
at REVIVAL /the basement
783 College St. (at Shaw)
416 535-7888

Cover Charge $8, $6 (for students and artists)

Nov 4
The Guayaveras 730pm
Posgate/Clutton and Brodie West 9pm

Nov ll
Mike Milligan (solo bass) 730pm
Posgate/Clutton and Bill Grove 9pm

Nov l8
Helen Porter (stories) w/ Lina Allemano and Rob Clutton 730pm
Posgate/Clutton and Reg Schwager 9pm

Nov 25
Barnyard Drama 730
Posgate/Clutton and Doug Tielli 9pm

Hi, welcome to my first journal entry fueled by a Blog!! (dont know what that is....dont worry...matters not)

I am floating this baby in cyber space for a minute but my good friend/Web Designer Steve should connect it to my website sometime soon.

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