Wednesday, May 10, 2006

spring is always good for that feeling of renewal and for us it is quite literal right now. It has always been a challenge to manage our house finances so as an experiment Julie has handed me the reigns (sp?)

so far so good...haha...although I just paid a bunch of bills online and guess what is in the mailbox today. Damn. I used to just add them to the pile...should be interesting.

great visit from Kenny today...although I am mad at myself as I left my computer running having filled out more than half of the Canadian census (online) and my Mac shut down...grrrrr......(oh well...what's 25 minutes in the scope of life eh?)

I have extra impetus to get my web life up and going in new ways. (thanks Terry!) I have been threatening to turn this blog into a podcast and this time I am serious...heh I should download some now that I have a mp3 player....

It will be summer before all these web changes occur but I am pumped!

I wish I played some guitar today as, it always becomes less likely as the day goes on...have to go get the kids now (and bringing two extra home today too) Always good to help out...feels great and we all need help!

smell you later,


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