Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It took fourty years but I think I have reached a new level of listening to music.

I know...leave it to me to open with a large, exagerated statement like that...but I think it is true. (or just a really fun phase I am going through)

Music is all about spirituality for me right now. It is the combination of the beautiful sounds, the concept and histroy of the artist, the relation the music has to the moment and the direct intake into my ears, heart and soul. I really noticed it the other night when I was listening to Murley play the saxophone (as mentioned in a previous post) now I am feeling it with all the music I am listening to. Zappa and Ornette (not together!) this morning and live, last night with the Ab Baars quartet from amsterdamn.

I guess it is part and parcel with the fact that I have no time for listening to music that I don't really love. Maybe that is the main thing that has taken 40 years to figure out. I am a really picky listener, who knows what he likes.

Playing music is the same thing. I try to put myself in situatiions that will create a special and memorable experience for myself and the listeners. By the looks of things, the next couple months should be quite rewarding.


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