Monday, May 01, 2006

I was going to write about the great African short films Dylan and I saw in the sprockets film fest yesterday and how rewarding it felt to expose him to stories about kids his age who live on the other side of the world in very different circumstances but I think I will talk about jazz.

Oh yes...jazz. How I love it. I do. I obvious huh? I have been so absent from my guitar. With good reason I suppose but to go downstairs and play along with both sides of an old cassette I have (back from my Montreal days!)

One side is Sonny!!! So great to hear his music again. I felt like he was with me today. The other side is Scofield with Lovano, Charlie and that great drummer that played on all those quartet know...he is on his new trio record with Steve Swallow...oh well.

What a rush. I realize these two recordings might be some of the music that I listened to more than anything in the last twenty years. (talk about formative!?)

It felt like satisfying a fix or something. Why do I forget how great playing guitar makes me feel?

I even think that someday, when the kids are a bit older, and I have time for more than just barely keeping my original music together, occasional gigs, recording tours etc. I would like to be a local jazz guitar player again. (who knew!?...haha)

time to eat some leftovers and back to reality...taxes, plane tickets for out of town dates and go get the boys.

chow for now...

p.s. nice to hear from fellow blogger and guitarist Mike Daley!! (funny as someone was just complaining to me how he misses Mikes regular blogging)


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