Sunday, May 07, 2006

I am really streamlining my life these days. Not in a very planned out, or organized fashion but my instincts are telling me to take care of my family, try to earn a meagre (sp?) living and get some rest. I will continue to write all the gigs and art openings and plays and movies and dance recitals etc. that I want to see in my calendar but I will be lucky if I get to any of them.

This may have to do with the music work I have coming up, ie. some really fun gigs between now and July 10. I know that a) I need to prepare and practise in order to get in shape to be able to play with my friends who are working and practising all the time and b) I have to practise because I am happier when I am practising.

This all may be my NHL hockey playoff malaise (does that word work there?) that I go through each year. Maybe I should read my blog entries from exactly one year ago. ( I think I will) and see what was going on. I keep a journal with pen to paper too but since I started blogging that is way less regular.

chow for now.


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