Sunday, April 27, 2008

tonight I was having one of those father and son bonding moments that feel like I will never forget them; ie. our first time playing ice hockey together, probably someday having our first beer together etc. (I should ask my Dad if he remembers our first beer together)

Anyways, there we were in the basement both playing our respective electric guitars (Dylan got one from my Dad and his wife for his 9th birthday....very cool) and I was showing him some bends, slides etc. He said he wanted to listen to some cool guitar Cds so I put on Frank Zappa's Shut Up and Play Your Guitar. I had forgotten how great that is...some great playing and no surprise the music is really interesting and complex.

Then I had an urge to put on something else so I went for a modern jazz record...I will leave the artist's name out of this story but I way lying on the floor and we were checking it out...the next thing I know I am awakened by the sudden silence as Dylan has turned off the music and says "can I go upstairs now?... I guess I fell asleep...oops.




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