Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I was so happy to open my mailbox yesterday and find a package from Rant.

Two great records; Sand Underfoot, the follow up to Jeannette Lambert's first record she made with Barre Phillips and Michel Lambert (which I highly recommend if only for it's completely unique mood and beautiful sound) and she has added Paul Bley on this one (good choice eh?!) This features more of her poetry and beautiful singing. Sometimes her voice and phrasing reminds me of Veda Hille, the great Vancouver singer songwriter. Le Passant is the new Michel Lambert Cd. It features Dominic Duval, Ellery Eskelin, Malcom Goldstein and an orchestra. This too is a beautiful sounding record.

I look forward to many more focused listening sessions (not an easy thing to find time for these days) in the near future on both these discs.

these guys are inspiring me to keep recording. I rarely question writing or playing but the idea of putting music into a format and distributing it again is making me wonder what and how and when.

I also came across a long list of Archie Shepp records on some obscure label recently that I had never heard of before and thought well...if he can make a ton of records that no one ever heard then so can I....

thanks Rant!


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