Sunday, February 12, 2006

Had so much fun getting out of town and playing in the snow for 24 hours. We were imitating the Olympics which I am already thoroughly enjoying and Mens hockey hasn't even started. (I think I have made it clear here that I am not a big fan of Woman's hockey...sorry)

The opening ceremonies were fanatstic. I loved Poverroti (sp?) All of it was great. Some of the choreogrophy was so great and such a spectacle yet such integrity. (hard to do that!)

Our weekend nearly got cancelled when Leo started puking on the highway 400. I was more worried about my brothers new truck than about my son (funny eh?) We brought him home and all was fine (not sure his mother felt the same way)

Rough weekend for the Leafs. I was kinda bummed when we watched the whole game last night on an unclear channel and then when I turned it on later for some more Olympics realized that we had a better CBC feed. Oh well.

I am not really in the mood to write...hope to watch a little more of 81/2 tonight and get started on all the paper work I have to do over the next couple days tommorrow (good luck eh...seeing as I am at home with my 3 year old...)


p.s. rinsethealgorithym was really good and sold out at the Red Guitar on Friday night. yah Rich Brown!


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