Saturday, April 08, 2006

Here is a post I wish all those musicians from out of town would read:

Play at the Rex please!! What I mean by this is that the Rex has a location and a history where people stumble in there non-stop for a beer, food and maybe even to hear some music (and that is partly why it is such a fun place to hang out and play)

The Red Guitar on the other hand is a place with almost no walk-in audience (partly because it is nicely tucked away in Mervish Village) and people who come, come to listen to the music.

ie. "I am coming to town and we have this killer tenor player from New York". Who cares! If it is not Ellery Eskelin or Tony Malaby then forget it. (obviously I am exaggerating now but...)

The funny (sometimes sad) repercussions of this are that a lot of folks that live here cannot attract an audience either. (the worst are those with 905 area codes!...sorry but it's true)

Honestly, there are some people who do nothing but play at the Rex...and that is fine (obviously) but don't email me for a gig if you don't know how to put a little energy into getting people to a gig (ie. picking up the phone and calling a few people in addition to your email list)

Rant, over.

p.s. I Corry and I are more interested in booking people who hang out at the club too in order to try to develop somewhat of a small scene.


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