Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have been involving myself in some kid related Guerilla-type activiities. I don't worry too much about confessing here on my blog as I can't really imagine doing good for my kids being much of an illegal act. Yesterday I found a note from the City of Toronto asking me to call them regarding the ice rink I built for my kids in the park beside our house. Do you think they might just want to discuss ice-repair techniques?

Last night I was up on a twelve foot shakey old wood ladder installing the paper mache (sp?) monsters that they created with my friend Cynthia. I was up there in the dark, living on the edge (or so it seemed) and wondered later whether I really do these things for the kids or for myself. We were definitely undercover, whispering our curatorial directions and watching for the art-police to come and stop our mission. We got a few funny looks and a couple "thumbs-up" from people driving by. Paola asked me if the pole would "hold my weight" as I climbed and Cynthia held the ladder and gave my advice on my hanging technique. Maybe this is the beginning of a new art instillation collective? (or just a few parents who really love parenting)

This whole project was partly inspired and funded by a very cool grant created by an OCAD student calledTiny Grants

One of my theories of parenting is that you have to really enjoy the things that you do with your kids or they will sense your lack of passion. I do get truly passionate about art, music and hockey with my kids and sometimes even have to control it.

Being able to control or even hide that passion is sometimes the secret to not scaring your kids away from things like art or sports. This is a tricky one that I continue to work on.

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At 4:01 PM, Blogger El Mahboob said...

Tim, my apt. house is just on the other side the green fence. I have long wondered about those figures - my daughter loved the previous generations. Thanks for making the neighbourhood that much more fun to live in.

There's a hockey musical called Score being filmed just a few doors to the left of this pic - I hope they get your figures into a shot! BR

At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Heather said...

Yeah! Great to see the photos. Can't wait to check it out in person


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