Thursday, January 03, 2008

hello jazzblog readers at large. This is a quick note to say, HURRAY...I am back online. My computer woes ended, but it was truly a mess. I am lucky my hard drive survived and the Mac People took my money gladly but did a great job of setting up and transfering ALL my info to a new computer...if you ever have something like this happen I would recommend it. (maybe the best $75 I have ever spent...) I will spare you the details of the full bill...ouch.

Anyways, now it is time to put my head to the grindstone (?) and work full tilt until Howard arrives for rehearsals next week. (yes, I know Sydney Crosby is playing against the Leafs right now but, luckily it is not on my TV...I have the radio on!)

Look forward to meeting lots of new people at IAJE next week!

tim posgate


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