Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am typing at the neighborhood internet glad it is here as my laptop died. Not good timing...less than two weeks before we begin rehearsals for the new CD...the computer guy says all the info on my hard drive will be there when he fixes glad. (of course I had most...MOST of it backed up anyways)

It really is nice to not have the computer in the house...feels a bit like a holiday although, I must get home and boot up the banjo...

The challenge continues...spending lots of family time each day the kids are home for the holidays while trying to get lots of work done too...possible but challenging.

Oh yah...breaking news; It was just confirmed that I will be on the "jazz writers" panel at IAJE about Jazz and the Internet. I think it is being moderated by Howard Mandel. That should be fun as he knows his stuff and is a great guy. (check out his new book on Cecil, Miles and Ornette!!)

Saturday January 12 at noon (see the IAJE website for details)

Hopefully that will give us all time for a bit of lunch before our 3pm show at the Constellation Ballroom at the Royal York Hotel.

416 530-0688 (old school baby...I am not getting my email right now!)


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