Saturday, April 28, 2007

I have heard from employees at the local "happening" Cd store; Soundscapes that the owner; Greg sells magazines almost at cost because he believes it is important for people to read and learn about music.

I love this idea! In fact, this is something that I remember taking on early in life when I decided for sure I was going to be an artist. Yes, it is true, art didn't find me...I found it. I wanted to learn about visual art, dance, poetry and more. Since this turning point at around the age of I have been fairly obsessed with reading about art. More specifically, I love to read interviews with artists.

I just bought a book with something like 22 interviews with the great artist, saxophonist Steve Lacy who is a bit of a role model for me having met, and hung out with and eventually performing with him too.

Today's arts section in the Globe has a good feature on Sarah Polley. Among other things, she explains why people desire fame. She is a smart cookie and quite articulate (and I think she is still one of my neighbours) I look forward to seeing her directorial debut that is opening at theatres soon.

If you are a friend of mine, unfortunately you have to put up with emails and phone calls where I try to encourage you to read these books, articles, interviews etc. where I received inspiration and other treats. Perhaps I should apologize to you now as I can't really see this slowing down...haha.

Back to the banjo!



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