Saturday, January 06, 2007

While I am in the mood to rant...who is the entertainment editor for the Globe? Sure, I could look quickly but would rather point out a few flaws in the only paper I buy every week.

Elizabeth Renzetti has been writing about London for some time. I actually thought (and hoped) for a while that it was London Ontario. Why, I ask do we have to read a mediocre column each week in our national paper about London England. Sure, I don't have to read it but it takes up space for all the exciting and relative things that are happening each week in the Canadian arts Scene.

Today she takes up the entire front page of the Globe arts section...aaaaaaahhh!! I keep writing the editor but they are not listening. I would way rather read about an all night rave and art party etc. in Regina than in London. It wouldn't take much in the day and age of the internet to find endless stories like this coast to coast in our fine (and massive) Country.

Perhaps the Globe should hire ME (yes this blog is all about me) to scour the net for fun, interesting, pertinent art stories to suggest to all the Globe's fine writers.


p.s. How many times is Liam Lacey going to write about some young druggy musician named Pete Doherty. (has anyone even heard this guys music?)


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