Thursday, April 13, 2006

I was blogging from my cafe spot this morning at the Linux but it didn't work...hmmm. Still getting used to the hand held technology.

Will be fun and handy when I get good at it. Funny that I am kind of mad about the holiday arriving. It is just that I can't really get anything done on those days. Of course I will have fun with the kids but that is always true. I guess I like a good balanced day. lots of work lots of fun.

I am excited about the Exclaim Cup this weekend. I am playing for a team called the Victoria Red Lighters When I looked at the website it seems like they are keeping stats of each player in this tournament online. (hopefully I can get a few assists or something!)

Our first opponent includes Sean Cullen and our second opponent includes george stroumbolopolus (sp?).

I have not played real, organized hockey in more than ten years so A) it should be fun B) hope i don't get in any fights C) I am going to be exhausted after this Easter Holiday!

My work day is slipping away (what did I do?) as I have to go get the boys soon.


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