Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I had fun at the National Jazz Awards last night. I felt a little bit like the bad kid at the back of the classroom. (talking and laughing when I should have been listening)

Hats off to Bill King again for doing a good job.

Personally, it felt a little tense to me and I think it is caused by this marginalized music being celebrated in such a large way. ie. sold out massive conference room at the Old Mill Inn. I suppose you have to think big to get big...Someone (can I mention your name ron?) suggested that it was just me or "us" who was marginalized while mainstream jazz is out there doing just fine thank you very much...ie. the broadcasters and celebrated singers etc. aren't checking to see if they can afford another cocktail etc.

Ok, maybe I AM a little nieve.

...I am still cheering for the Leafs! (hmmm...wait a minute...this is starting to come clear! haha)

p.s. did I tell you I bough tickets for the Zappa plays Zappa show here in Toronto. Hurray!!! Way to go Dweezil!


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