Friday, April 14, 2006

The government is asking for input from us (belive it or not!) please mail your letter of support of the liberal's proposed Canada Council increase to:
(see mine below)

Good day,

When I met Stephen Harper on an airplane, 24 hours or more after the Canada Council announced the budget increase (a few weeks before he became prime minister) proposed by the Liberals I asked him about the odds of him honouring this increase and he hadn't even heard of it.


With this important anniversary coming up for the Canada Council and the fact that Canadian art in most disciplines is just getting"over the hump" of being recognize worldwide I would only hope that Stephen Harper would see the importance of increasing the Canada Council's budget as planned.

An increase like this will help the economies of larger centers and smaller cities with tourism etc. coast to coast as well as strengthening the work of artists and arts organizations and therefore also the image of our artistic imports which will also improve trade relations with those major countries Canada is focusing on such as China and Mexico.

thank you,

Tim Posgate
Guildwood Records
422 Shaw St.
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 2X3
416 530-0688


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