Thursday, February 16, 2006

As per usual, I don't have long to feel sorry for myself (usually not more than a couple hours) as I am at home in bed watching the hockey game with my sick little three year old.

I am thinking about having my own annual music award...why not, eh?...I try to do it all by myself anyways. haha
Some of my ideas would be awarding outstanding music in improvised music and creative jazz composition. I think we would search out the music on our own (heck...I love music so why do I need others to send me their records?) and it would not be saying who it the best (which of course is ridiculous) but just an opportunity to celebrate and draw attention to some outstanding recordings every year.

any suggestions for the name of my award? How about the Hoser Cup for Creative Music? I guess i could never win but it would allow me to celebrate some of those Canadian artists who I feel will rarely or never get support from the music industry.

Here is a good place to keep up to the minute with Olympic Hockey.

Go Canada Go!


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