Saturday, August 28, 2004

Saturday: Cartoon morning. Yup, funny how I let my kids do almost all the things I did when I was a kid. We went to the Ex yesterday and even there I was getting all my ideas and routines from memories of going to the Ex as a family.

Dylan is cracking me up these days by singing songs I am listening to or some I just play once. Two funny ones this week are the opening line from a Bob Wiseman song "smoking in the talked so loud..." or Stompin Tom (there's a couple good Hosers eh) "...Margo's got the cargo and Reggie's got the rig...."

One more week of summer. Don't want to wish my life away but I am looking forward to back to school. i want to get to work on the fall tour, England and getting the Hojo record out.

Leo is climbing on my left arm which makes my typing a little tougher this morning. Almost noon, so time to get creative as a parent, turn off the tv and see what the rest of the day brings. (I hope part of it allows some listening to DNTO....always a fave part of Saturday for me)



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