Monday, January 12, 2009

Hi again,

tommorrow night, Tuesday January 13 I am playing banjo with Rob Clutton's band the Cluttertones at the Tranzac.

Check out the Cluttertones on Myspace!

This is good timing as I have been singing the praises as of late about a bit of clutter. Yes, I am glad that I am not a "neat-freak." It is amazing for example what you find when looking through piles of sheet music. (alas...a great old song I wrote that I would never have found had it been filed neatly under "C")

The Cluttertones have a new member (or special guest?) tommorrow in Saxophonist Brodie West.

The usual suspects of Ryan Driver, Lina Allemano and Anthony Michelli should be there too.

This is a PWYC event and we are going on around 1030pm. (note: Myk Freedman's Saint Dirt Elementary School are playing up until that time)


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