Monday, January 12, 2009

I am a little slow gettin' goin' this morning. I like to be at the banjo by 830am but I am still sipping coffee and reading the NY times online. I can clearly remember this similar feeling on Monday mornings before I had kids. I would be a bit slow getting to work on my music on Monday but it was probably because of too much partying on the weekend.

Today I feel a little slower than usual because of all the fun winter activity in the last couple days. I played hockey, I coached hockey, I was up late for three nights watering our new backyard rink and more. I guess the combination of the partying and the kids is what gets me as I get a older. I still think the same way so I try to squeeze in all the fun I can in a day; before during and after.

A perfect example is a bluegrass pickin session here yesterday. Sure, we needed a beer to keep our throats in good shape for singing but did we have to pull out the bottle of whisky? Unfortunately the combination of a few tastes and pickin some good tunes is amazing. Although I think the afternoon bevys was what kept me from getting out to water the rink one further time late last night.

My Mom always said to me that "you can't do everything" and I always told her I was going to try.

happy monday,


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