Monday, June 23, 2008

I had so much fun at the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival. I planned to go and camp for the whole weekend but with sick kids and a fun Jam Session that I had with all my old pals in Burlington on Friday it turned out to be a quick one day event for me.

I picked up my Autoshare car at 1030am and was home for 530pm. I got to see a number of really good banjo pickers, heard some great singing and saw lots of folks that I knew. I even walked through the woods before I left and sat in on a jam session and played a few tunes before I hit the road.

I really enjoyed driving the Autoshare car through the backroads on my way there and back. I remember the days when I took things like that for granted and now I see it as a privilege that I wouldn't abuse very often. (i.e one person making that much pollution for a very casual reason)

It reminded me how glad I am to NOT own a car and to share that large piece of metal with my neighbors occasionally when I need it for work and sometimes pleasure.

Check it takes a minute to get used to and then there is no going back!


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