Saturday, January 12, 2008

What a day...It was fun rappin with my friends on a panel about the internet and jazz today at the conference. It was a good reminder for me to do at least a little bit of self editing. You never know who is going to show up at these things and for it was the editor of Downbeat Magazine. (while we were discussing the potential death of magazines because of the internet!)

The gig was fun too. I was very happy with the turnout and the reaction from the listeners (friendly listeners) The band sounded good even though Lina was really sick and nearly didn't make it.

Howard still always plays things that suprise and delight me...every night, every gig.

The new tunes worked for the most part...we had a couple mini-trainwrecks but generally it was good. I certainly cannot compensate for odd sound, or technical problems etc. on a banjo the way I can on a guitar (after gigging for 25 years I am getting a handle on that)

Not crazy about the way I played today but there was some feedback that kept my spirits up.

Hope to see you at Hughs Room tommorrow...same band, same bat-channe. (830pm, two sets)


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