Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am going to focus on previewing and reporting live from the Guelph Jazz Festival for the next five days. Usually in this space you can count on a stream of consciousness type journal ranging from kids to hockey to music, music and more music. I will try to "keep with the program" until the festival is over.(hopefully as the weekend progresses I will have some recorded interviews on my podcast.)

I sent a short set of gig preview-type questions to five of the artists that are performing this week and was pleased to receive some replies promptly. (thanks to the artists!)

I first saw Bob Ostertag with Pierre Hebert at the Images Festival here in Toronto. I have told anyone willing to listen that this was some of the greatest work I have ever seen performed live. Bob has created software that allows the two artists to interact with sound and animation.

I am quite disappointed that I won't be able to make this show. Perhaps any of my blog readers can post some comments regarding the show after they attend.

Here are Bob Ostertag's responses to my email questions:


-Are you performing with one of your regular ensembles in Guelph or is this a special, maybe even debut of a new band? Who will be with you on this gig?

I am playing with Pierre Hébert, a film maker from Quebec who specializes in animation. Our project is called Living Cinema. We create movies as a live performance. We have been doing this all over the world for some years, and have released two movies.

At Guelph we will be doing something completely new, a new piece where we both play game controllers form computer games.

-When was the last time you performed in Guelph or even in the Toronto area? Any memorable performances in this area?

I have never performed at Guelph,. Pierre and I were schedule to play here 2 years ago, but I had to cancel at the last moment when my partner got hit by a car.

Our first performance as Living Cinema was at the Toronto Film Festival some years ago.

-Do you have any plans for what will be discussed/performed at your workshop in Guelph?

Not that i know of. Better ask the festival people.

-What is the the name of your latest recording and what other Cds might be the most definitive of your work up to this point. (any suggestions where to get your recordings?)

I recently put all my music on my web site for free download, so it could hardly be easier to find. Just go download it. On the home page you will find a brief essay on why I chose to do this.

my favorite pieces are Verbatim and Sooner or Later.


Bob Ostertag and Pierre Hebert
Wednesday September 6
8pm, MSAC
Bob Ostertag & Pierre Hébert (USA/QC)
General $20; LW/ST/SR $16
Presented by Macdonald Stewart Art Centre


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