Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I am listening to an old recording...trio with Dane and Ilios from l997 at the Rivoli. I am quite enjoying it. I think it was at the end of a Canadian tour we did where we drove across and back in my mini-van....oh, those were the days. I truly miss that. It is such an adventure.

Anyways, I am looking for (and found) a version of a tune from that tour callled Moosamin Eh?

I am going to play a duet gig of banjo and cello (yes I am playing the banjo) with Andrew Downing on August August 23 at the Red Guitar. This is one of our potential tunes.

Ilios and Dane sound great...not really sure why I ever broke up that group...I seem to keep changing things to keep them interesting.

It is quite interesting hearing an old show like this. I think if I knew now what I knew then I wouldn't have had the guts to put on and pull off a show like that. Youth is so exciting. I need to gain back some of that bravado (or whatever it is) When I talk in the mic I sound like I am really sure that this is great.

Anyways...for those who haven't seen or heard from me in a while, I have been practising banjo in my basement. It is so much fun. I think I have practised more in the last week than in the last year combined...funny.

Played a bit of bluegrass with Rob tonight (he was on guitar) I am not sure how much I will go down that road. It seems like it would take a lifetime to be a serious bluegrass player. Maybe that willl be my retirment plan (haha) I can play local bluegrass gigs for grocery money till I drop...hmmm....

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p.s. I am not sure about when or what for the next podcast (#4) but stay tuned, should be soon.


At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So was that a board tape recorded by Jerry at the Rivoli, and who was on the rest of the program, and do you have that tape??

At 11:27 PM, Blogger tim said...

hi other,

unfortunately I only have the trio recording. Not sure who else was on that bill...any ideas?

Jerry did record it for us (for a price) and did a good job.


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