Thursday, April 27, 2006

I was trying to decide to which of the four events I wanted to attend tonight...then my date cancelled and now I am frozen on the I really going to watch two hockey games again tonight?

Oh well...time will tell (tim will tell). Often I find myself in discussions with other musicians about why people in Toronto don't go out to hear live music (see previous paragraph...haha). We often talk about the internet, or the way Torontonians are etc. Then you go to any show of a popular artist and it will be packed. This to me is more of the reality. People do go out but the market is saturated. There is only so much room for successful local artists in any city.

Another reason, one of my pet peeves is that musicians rarely let friends, their mailing lists etc. know about gigs if it is not their gig (ie. their name on the marquee) Tonight is a perfect example; I call a pal to go out and hear some music, his girlfriend tells me that he is performing around the corner with a good singer songwriter that I quite like. Ironically, him and another good friend and aquaintance are in this band. But, no calls, no I smell?....

I hope their gig is packed...we shall see if I find out (ie. do I leave this couch) but if it is not. In this case; I know why.



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