Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am in one of those moods where I am so excited about life, making art, the world etc. (can you use etc. after you said "the world?") I get so excited, I almost forget to breath (easily forget to eat)

I had breakfast at the Linux cafe on Harbord. Cool place, will go back often.

Had a great walk to and from the OAC (forgot to sign my grant application...oops) This day is reminding me that I am in a bit of a geographic rut. I have so little time to work and create and practise that all my spare time is spent at home doing just that. This walk opened my eyes to so many things and gave me many ideas.

i am really excited about Ben Grossman(Hurdy Gurdy player) coming over soon to rehearse for our March 1 concert at the York University Art Gallery. (the Fiona Tan show on there right now looks really good!)

Can't blog anymore, gotta go!!
p.s. Diana Panton is not only on the cover of Now Magazine today but also at the Red Guitar tonight and tommorrow with Don Thompson.


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