Sunday, October 02, 2005

Great night at the Red Guitar last night. Our first sellout. apparently they turned away at least 20 people. Not really a good thiing i guess but lets hope it keeps happening. Isn't there something appealing to people about a place they can't into?

I am not sure but I alwyas thought that was why dance clubs have those long lineups.

I wish I was there tonight (I wish i was there most nights) but I just can't go every night and have to usually wait and see what the day and/or night brings before I decide if I can make it.

bob wiseman is there and he is really great. I have no idea what he will do although I kinda doubt it will be too much in the jazz genre. Oh well...when I started booking the club I had wider ideas about what I thought might work there. Now I see that it really is a jazz club.

I was discussing this with Corry last night and I do think that as the reputation gets bigger and there is more of a walk up crowd I hope to make part of the clubs reputation to be an eclectic jazz club. We shall see.



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