Friday, May 13, 2005

Amazing sometimes the things you find yourself doing that you would never have imagined. This morning, after listening to a bit of Benmurgi in the Morning on Jazz FM I find myself listening to my new Cd to find out which tracks will have "radio appeal".

I have never made a record with this in mind and I hope that I never do. (never say never?) that it is all over and done with...which cuts will radio stations choose to play?

I love how Mike Hansen, on CKLN chose to make the Cd's world radio debut with the sad, slow, dark dedication to my father in law; Goodbye, Au Revoir.

I noticed today for the first time that the second cut on the disc; Quartier St. Roche, may almost be considered a light (dare I say smooth) jazz composition. I thought of this when I heard them play Metheny's Last Trane Home. Amazing what a few Major 7 chords can do...hahah.



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