Saturday, February 26, 2005

I am not really sure what to write tonight as it has been a crazy week. Sorry to faithful reader for lack of posts but, heck...even I get busy occasionally. For a couple days there the phone was ringing as fast as the emails were coming in and I was a happy camper. (I still am!)

It really looks like our summer tour with Howard is going to be great. We are confirmed in Stockholm and Finland and there is lots of other European stuff that might still happen.

The Canadian leg of the tour is going to be such a blast too. We are confirmed in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and I think we may end up doing Winnipeg and Edmonton too which would be a pleasant suprise.

Saw a beautiful film on Gerhard Richter last night. It was the format of artist walking around checking out and commenting on his show before it opened. (at the MOMa in 2002.)

I have a film of Jack Bush doing a similar thing and I love it.

Richter was a little more subdued, mysterious and occasionally quite funny. He talked about the freedom he has as an artist. He has nothing to prove and doesnt get caught up or even involved in his fame while he is painting. (I remember reading how important that was to Picasso too)

It was really interesting having the director and the curator of the show there after too. This was all set up by Canadian Art mag and lucky me; it was right over at my local rep theatre.

Hoping to go out and see the Dinner is Ruined tonight at their Cd launch at the Tranzac.

I downloaded there new record for $8.88 (no tax) at

Most of that money goes to the artists too. Very cool.


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