Sunday, September 19, 2004

Festival Express rocked!! And yes guy, that is good use of that phrase. It really was like being at a great rock concert. I have new respect and interest in Janis Joplin for sure. She was unbelievable. What a singer, and what a captivating performer.

Buddy Guy...the young Buddy Guy. Wow...the sound that came out of his mouth was at times other worldly. His band was so funky, what a groove. It reminded me that groove is not about people playing like computers in exactly the same place in the pocket etc....groove is about attitude, energy and working together to go somewhere. They were so sloppy and loose but MAN did they ever groove.

The footage of the Band made me want more records by them and the footage on the train with everyone jammin and partying made me want to hang out and party. (oh, twist my arm)

the only drawback of this great rock film was it felt a little short. The footage of the train and shots out the window etc. from the train were great. i have always had a thing for trains.

Had a lot of fun on the Island today at the Runcible Spoon gig. I felt really great to be part of such a fine day and a wonderful concert.

I am listening to a new cd that I found in my mailbox minutes ago. (thanks dAve!!) Powerbuch.

Recorded by the one and only Ted Phillips. good work ted. it is Dave Clark, Gordon Michael Allen, Glen Hall and John kameel Farah.

I am only on cut one but it sounds really good. I feel like I have really watched this band develop as I think I was at one of their earliest gigs years ago at a loft space gig (sans JKF)

I am a lucky man.


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