Sunday, January 11, 2004

Every time I go see a play I thinkk, "man, I should do this way more often!"

It reminds me of a discussion I get myself into quite often which is that people watch too many

I still think it's true. It takes a lot more planning and a little more money but it is well worth it. Toronto
is so full of great theatre. Ok, now is not the time for that argument....

Capture Me by Judith Thompson is a brave play. It is a also a wonderful, entertaining and beautiful
piece of art. I say brave because I felt that there was very little holding back here. She has a lot to say and
chooses exciting, poetic and subtle ways to say them.

Art is often such a focused lense, ie. lets look at this part of my brain or heart etc. This play is dealing
with mortality, evil, love, racial differences, and more.

Randi Helmers is great and I hope many get out to see this large (in the emotional sense) undertaking.


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