Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Grand Festival back for another round of happiness!

The fourth annual Grand Festival of Autumnal Happiness is happening again this year at Revival. (783 College St.at Shaw) 

The line-up includes many projects featuring the organisers; Rob Clutton and Tim Posgate as well as local avant-rock favourites Dinner is Ruined and world famous sound artist John Oswald.

The festival continues to highlight the bright lights of Toronto’s creative music scene in it’s usual four Mondays in November format. Each night will open with a solo performance followed by the featured ensemble. 

November 3
Rob Clutton
Dinner Is Ruined

November 10
Nilan Perera

November 17
Martin Arnold

November 24
John Oswald

for more info: tim@guildwoodrecords.com
Phone: 416 530-0688


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