Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew. Maybe.

I thought it was realistic to try to play all the instruments I play in such a way that I could "deal with" and eventually embrace all the different kinds of music I love. Is it to big a hurdle to play irish, jazz, old-time, klezmer, bluegrass and some classical music on a few instruments? Maybe.

Getting together today with someone who plays old-time fiddle was a wake up call for me. I don't think she even considers herself a fiddle player (maybe her third instrument) and she sounded really good. (especially beside me) It was kind of her to stick around and show me some tips and a really cool tune. I know I was having fun and maybe she was too. Maybe.

Regardless, I still feel like I need to brake the barriers or borders between these different types of music. It seems to me that the similarities of these types of music are so great that if one practices music (ie. scales, tuning, double stops/chords etc.) more than tunes that eventually it will all blend together. (in a good way)

Certainly the challenge of a swing or triplet based rhythm is tough for some people but having cut my teeth for decades playing jazz guitar maybe this part comes easily now for me. Maybe.

I suppose the way I get around all this pressure that I am putting on myself is to write my own music more often than not. If I study music to best of my ability and try to compose without being to influenced by any one style or artist I will hopefully continue to come up with a melange of different musics that makes my music just a little different than the next persons. Maybe.

p.s. The Shinhackers are playing March 13 (my Birthday!) from 9pm-midnight at the Cloak and Dagger on College St. between Bathurst and Spadina.

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