Thursday, September 30, 2010

I have two really fun gigs this weekend. This is the late night, Nuit Blanche one for all you late night, avant-garde music fans. I will be tucked away in some corner of the big old house downtown (which is the Canadian Music Centre) playing solo.

I wish I could tell you what instrument I was going to play. I was hoping to do banjo, mando and fiddle however I am coming straight from another gig where I will be playing guitar so...might be too much for one bike ride (if you get my drift)

I will be performing between llpm and 1am. (as well as a few other people in the same building at the same time as well as before and after)

Chalmers House,
20 St. Joseph Street

Canadian Music Centre
Intimate Music

John Oswald - Toronto, Canada
Chiyoko Szlavnics - Berlin, Germany

Performance Art

The Canadian Music Centre invites two composers to explore intimate experiences in contemporary art. Berlin-based Chiyoko Szlavnics pursues the intimacies found in the detail of sound through her minimalist composition drawings. These works inform musical creations of surprising transparency: glassy surfaces of pure sound. Toronto's John Oswald counteracts the rambunctious experience of large crowds by creating intimate musical experiences in the cozy spaces of Chalmers House. Whether tucked into tiny turrets, nestled between the music library shelves, or hidden away in cozy corners of the heritage home, micro-audiences interact with Toronto musicians to co-curate personalized mini-concerts. Whether it's a folk song lullaby, an electronic experiment or a guitar serenade, the options will ebb and flow over the course of the night.


At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

See you there! Chiyoko


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