Sunday, January 28, 2007

when one is receptive to the joys of synchronicity you also have to be prepared to take the bad with the good. I will offer the following example:

Today I went to hear some friends playing music at the Pilot. (Great show...David French Quartet...beautiful!) Jerry, who I hadn't seen in sometime (we went to York together) came up and said hi and told me he happened to be listening to my podcast, right at that moment, right there in the club...which was great for me as I had decided earlier today to get back to my podcast and " up the stakes" a bit. (stay tuned for more on this)

So then, for those of you who know I am playing a lot of banjo these days...I get an email tonight while I am practising from someone sending a joke to their email is Saddam Hussein holding a five string banjo. AAAAAHHH!!

Maybe I should give up and become a poet. (or a psychic?)



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