Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Oh boy....that heavy, tired (lazy?) feeling of fall is setting in. Good thing the Grand Festivalis coming up to help us keep our chins forward!

These days I am not getting out to see as much music as I would like to and not even getting much work done at home. Is it possible I am using parenting as an excuse to be lazy? I really am pretty wiped after a day with the kids, a bit of teaching and zzzzzzzzzz. bedtime?...already?

I hope it is a phase. This business is not one you can slack off in. By that I only mean that, most of us are just barely hanging on and "making a living" might even be an exageration. If you stop die. (no Sonny Rollins type breaks here folks)

My laptop is slowly deteriorating. I hope it lasts..way too expensive to replace. I should put some energy into repairing it. Keyboard is even getting wonky now. I couldn't work without it anymore. (especially with the booking work every day for the Red Guitar)

I am hoping to get down to the Red Guitar for some of the Trumpet Is Jazz Special Series this week. Will be great to hear Lina play in a sparse environment like piano/trumpet duo on Thursday.

Oh yah, tune in to Jazz Fm on Saturday too (91.1FM) in toronto or as I am helping Walter with fundraising from noon till 1pm.



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