Sunday, May 23, 2004

I have been anxious to post. not sure why. maybe a little hesitant with the electrical storm. Loving Bill Evans and Mark Johnson on vinyl. even the scratches are so beautiful. perhaps that is because I have been doing a little improvising with ambient scratching noises etc.

great to get some beautiful music like this on the stereo. wow. makes me want to practise! (cant be a bad thing)

I went out of town for 24 hours and hurt my damn arms. Hope they are better tommorrow. It is that old funny thing about helping someone in need with a big lift. a friends dock washed too high onshore and we lifted it back into the water. way too heavy. why do i do it? Makes one so happy to help friends. but....I have to remember. I cant take chances like that. all it would take would be one serious injury and more guitar for me.

sure, some would say there is not a lot at stake (haha) but, I think there is.

I have gotten better with wearing gloves when lifting etc. but, need to take it one step further. Not easy.



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