Monday, April 24, 2023

synchronicity and such

Weird title for this blog...oh well. I am feeling that energy that happens to me on those synchronistic, coincidental etc. moments. I really feel like it is an energy thing. ie. if you are putting it out you sometimes get it back. I have threatened to record all of these happenings and I never do. They seem to be every few days for me. One happened just now as I went into a book store in my hood and was searching for gifts. Not really sure what I wanted, I end up seeing a lot of books I wish I could afford to buy for myself. My thoughts move into poetry and I am flipping through a few new releases which got me thinking of the late great Toronto poet Richard Sanger. Immediately someone came in and asked if they had his last book that he wrote. The bookstore worker said they only had two copies left. (it is only the two of us in the store) Of course I had to share this synchronicity with them. I could tell that the other customer appreciated my story and the staff person did not. Then, I got chatting with the clerk and told them I felt I had to buy Richard's book at my friends bookstore as he and Richard were friends and it just felt like the right thing to do. Then I mentioned I was performing at that bookstore (Sellers and Newel) on thursday with Andrew Downing. (banjo and bass!)Then the seller mentioned they were learning to play the banjo and we had a nice little chat about banjo. I guess that is all for now. I am excited about watching the Leafs against Tampa today and will fill every remaining minute with practising and teaching until puckdrop at 730pm. Go Leafs! Go Banjo. #Banjohockey


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