Monday, January 30, 2023

Banjo Hockey revisited (John Hartford)

Hi there blog friends! I am listening to some great John Hartford vinyl as I type into my laptop. I am in the John Hartford state of mind after watching a nice long interview with him on Youtube. (was there really life before youtube?) His interest in Steamboats is fascinating for me. I loved hearing him talk about them and the things he knew he loved about them and trying to understand the intangibles and why he loved them so much. It made me realize (boy it took a while!) that hockey for me is kind of like his love of steamboats. Not only did he love them but he was a steamboat pilot. Does it sound familiar? Yup, I play hockey a few times a week. But, I love watching it almost as much as I do playing it. Sometimes I try to figure out why I am drawn to it so much. I certainly have theories that involve the art of the game, the improvisation and the overall beauty of floating an inch above the earth as a steel blade glides through the frozen water. I love it as much as I love playing music. I used to think that was impossible but now I know it is true. One great thing about having two passions that are central to my life is that I am almost always happy. If I am not performing or recording I am always working on music by composing or practisting. I find three hockey games a week to be the perfect amount as my body can rest for a day in between and I am rarely one day away from my next skate! The Maple Leafs have kept me extra entertained this year. They are so good! Sure, I would love for them to have playoff success and win the Stanley Cup but I enjoy every regular season game regardless. Music is the same. I would love to know that more people were listening to the music I made and that we were winning awards all the time but in the meantime; I just love making music. I am heading off to Kansas City on Thursday for a few days at the Folk Alliance Conference with So Long Seven. I might have to fake a little interest in American football while I am there as their team has advanced to the Superbowl. Remember the Kansas City Chiefs? Yup, they were an NHL team. That was a while ago. I was still collecting hockey sticker books when my Mom and Dad filled up at the gas station. It has been really fun to develop friendships with people who also love hockey and music. Maybe there will be some of those weirdos in KC. I will keep my sensors on.


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