Friday, March 11, 2022

Hi folks! You can probably imagine how happy I am to actually have upcoming shows to tell you about. Yay!!! It is best to get advanced tickets to some of these shows as many venues are still having limited attendance.  Here they are in order with all the details (hopefully) below. Sat March 12, 1-3pm with Ronley Teper: Lyceum Gallery (Queen W. at Crawford) Sat March 19, 7-9pm with Ronley Teper: Lyceum Gallery (Queen W. at Crawford) Thurs March 24, 830-1030pm with Andrew Downing, Sellers and Newel Bookstore (College and Beatrice) Sun March 27, 2pm-11pm with Ronley Teper and the Lipliner,  Posgate/Downing and more: Tranzac Sat April 2, 8pm (?) with Andrew Downing, Tom Waits Tribute: 3030 Dundas W.  Wed April 6, 530-730pm, with Andrew Downing, Kelsley Grant and Laura C. Bates, Rex Hotel (194 Queen W.) Wed April 13, 530-730pm, with Andrew Downing, Kelsley Grant and Aline Homzy, Rex Hotel (194 Queen W.) Wed April 20, 530-730pm, with Rob Clutton, Kelsley Grant and Aline Homzy, Rex Hotel (194 Queen W.) Wed April 27, 530-730pm, with Rob Clutton, Nick Forget and Aline Homzy, Rex Hotel (194 Queen W.) ----------------------------------------------------- This month-long show at the Lyceum gallery that Ronley Teper is doing for the MONTH OF MARCH is not to be missed. I have had the pleasure of touring in Europe with Ronley three times before Covid and I have more respect for her as a multi-disciplinary artist than ever before. This show is a visual (and musical) representation of her latest record. The visual artists' work stands on its own but the way that it collectively represents Ronley's aesthetic and the overall feeling of her latest recording Everyone Loves a Good Story is beautiful. Here is everything you need regarding the gallery show including a link to the VR experience that is part of the show:  Please check it out. (you can make personal appointments if that is more for you right now) Spread the word! Bring your friends!. This is a big chunk of work by my friend that really should be seen.  Notice there are a couple days coming up when I will be performing at the gallery with Ronley...AND...the whole thing ends with an all-day music festival at the Tranzac (with the art too!) on Sunday March 27. Very "kid/family friendly" during the day!  March 27 Tranzac Music Performances by: Ronley Teper & The Lipliners 2pm
Willow Rutherford 3:30pm
Tim Posgate & Andrew Downing 4:30pm
Gordon Hylands’s Living Fossil 5:30pm
Chris Pruden 6:15pm
Jaron Freeman-Fox 7:00pm
Ronley Teper & The Lipliners 8pm
Vivienne Wilder 9:30pm Yes, Andrew Downing and I are finally returning to one of Toronto's best music venues; Sellers and Newel (a bookstore!) to play a duo banjo/bass concert.  There will be limited seating and proof of vax required. (It is a small space) Call Sellers and Newel Bookstore to reserve your seats. 647-778-6345 If you have never been to one of Michael Wrycraft's Tom Waits tribute concerts then you are missing out. Andrew Downing and I will be performing two of TW's best songs that night with a stellar lineup for the rest of the evening. (including Tom Wilson!) Make reservations at: If that isn't enough; check out the musicians I get to play with every wednesday in April at Toronto's best jazz club; The Rex. 530-730pm every Wednesday in April. Uh-huh. Uh-huh!


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