Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Leafs vs Habs game 3 (after re watching)

 Leafs vs Habs game 3 (after re watching)

This second viewing of the Leaf games has been really fun. It answers some questions for me and it gives me new questions. 

For example, what is Keefe trying to achieve when he puts Simmonds out with Nylander and Nash. Usually a line switch like that is a reaction to our own power play or PK but this was not the case. I want to think it is like a double shift for Nylander. The players he is with are sort of a “best-of” scenario from the bottom six? Is it driven by analytics?

I do think people don’t watch the game very closely. (Of course it is just entertainment to some so why would they?) A number of misconceptions about game three were adjusted for me after my second time through. For starters; the Habs did NOT totally outplay the Leafs in the third period. If anything, they were a little more even than during the rest of the game. If you put your kids to bed and came back and watched the last two minutes after they pulled Price (and believed the shot totals at the Bell Centre)  you might think they outplayed the Leafs in the third. 

I have heard people say the Leafs can’t let up when they have the lead. They did not. We had many scoring chances. (Remember Jumbo all alone in front missing the net with a slapshot) 

The other statistic that is so misleading is the number of hits in this series. The Leafs have certainly been tougher than the Habs and in a smart way. 

What I am seeing is the Habs (mostly Price) doing a decent job keeping our top line from scoring as much as they usually do. The good news is that our top line is destroying the Habs defensively in our Dzone. Also, our second line is having its way with le Tricolore on both ends of the ice.  

The one thing that has been consistent on both ends is the goaltending. In my humble and slightly biased opinion after watching this game twice it looks like the Leafs vs Carey Price. I am very happy to say that Jack Campbell has played pretty much just as well as Price however the scoring chances by the Habs have been much fewer and less dangerous. 


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